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LUCAS (Land Use/Cover Area Frame Statistical) 2022 Survey
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Lot information
LUCAS 2022 – Helpdesk, Technical Assistance and Quality Control
The objectives of Lot 6 are:• prepare the launching of the LUCAS 2022 survey;• provide training to project managers of the lots 1-5 and of the survey managers in coordination with the contractor of lot 7 (DMT)and of lot 8 (grassland training). The presence of the project manager of lot 7 and the person giving the DMT training (lot 7) are required during the whole time;• provide technical assistance and quality control services to the Commission and the survey contractors (lots 1-5) carrying out the LUCAS survey in 2022. In this lot the data quality control services cover the quality check of the data collected in the LUCAS 2022 field survey and the LUCAS 2022 photo-interpretation campaign.The timing of all tasks in this lot will depend heavily on the progress in lots 1-5, which in turn will depend on the contractual and climatic conditions.Out of the total number of points assessed by the contractors of lots 1-5 (landscape feature photo-interpreted points, in-situ points and photo-interpreted points) the contractor of lot 6 will do the following controls:• check a maximum of 10 000 in-situ photo-interpreted points;• check 66 660 points that have been visited in the field;• additional check of 20 000 pictures for anonymisation;• check 25 000 points from the photo-interpretation campaign.
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1160000.00 EUR
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