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Provision of Advisory Services to the Secretariat General Directorate of the Eur...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Regulatory Changes
The service providers shall provide assistance and expertise to the EIB Group in reviewing best banking practices in specific prudential and non-prudential regulatory areas to identify both potential gaps against regulations and market practice and EIB Group’s necessary efforts needed to cover these gaps.Due to the complexity and the evolving regulatory environment, the scope of the current lot may cover the following non-exhaustive list of areas:• Assessment of BBP regulatory requirements (prudential/non-prudential): with the objective to understand how the EIB shall interpret regulatory requirements and what impact such requirements have within the organizational framework of the EIB, as well as at EIB Group level (if applicable).• Review of organisational, processes and procedures changes across the EIB Group and assistance in the practical implementation of BBP requirements: directly and/or indirectly resulting from the assessment of a regulatory requirement, and to be performed in the context of the implementation of such requirements.• Strengthening of the corporate governance and overall governance structure by focusing on the mechanism, optimization and functioning of the EIB Group Governance (both corporate and institutional), and ensuring effective and prudent management of the organisation.• Increase awareness and understanding of the evolving regulatory changes that may impact the EIB Group: provide advice to enhance and reinforce awareness of regulatory requirements, through regulatory watch service (and all related infrastructure) and/or any other type of initiative to improve staff knowledge on regulatory requirements.• Review of internal controls (and associated risks): which are necessary to ensure proper and effective functioning of the different business areas of the Bank/Group in line with the Bank’s Internal Control Framework.The expected deliverables will be specified for each specific assignment.
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2,000,000.00 EUR
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