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Innovation and business management training: developing capacities in the Enterp...
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Core training on industrial innovation management in the context of the European SME innovation associate — pilot
It is expected that around 12 working days of training will be provided to each innovation associate, including online training. Participation in the training programme is compulsory for all innovation associates who are part of the INNOSUP-2-2016 pilot action. It is estimated that up to 90 innovation associates and up to 90 supervisors will be eligible to receive training. As a result of the training, the innovation associates who are most likely to be PhD holders in technical subjects will acquire a specific additional qualification that allows them to act as ‘innovation managers’ in industry and, in particular, in the SMEs supported by the grants awarded under INNOSUP-02-2016 (innovation associate — pilot). The training programme should also support the follow-up and upscaling of the ideas into research projects/products, by providing specific sessions on European-level funding schemes for a period of 1–2 working days. Apart from supporting the exploration of the up to 90 innovation business ideas selected under the SME innovation associate programme, the training could also be the opportunity to learn and develop.
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