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Please note that the new deadline for submission is 26.09.2016. Please note that Annex I - Tender specifications and Annex 8 - Detailed tasks and product specifications have been updated.
Copernicus local land monitoring services: production of very high resolution la...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Natura 2000
Natura 2000 is a network of core breeding and resting sites for rare and threatened species, and some rare natural habitat types which are protected in their own right. Some habitat types are known to have suffered from substantial declines throughout the EU. This lot will address the continuation of the land cover/land use (LC/LU) mapping of N2K sites (geographic extension) to a selection of N2K sites for semi-natural and species rich grassland habitats for 2012 and 2006 (as far as usable very high resolution satellite data is available for those 2 dates). Furthermore, the framework contract resulting from this call for tenders for lot 3 aims at the provision of consultancy services ancillary to the production of the data layer specified above.
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