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Decennial and biennial liability insurance, and contractor's liability insurance...
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European Parliament, DG Infrastructure and Logistics (INLO)
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Contractor's liability insurance as regards cover for the project to restructure and modernise the Vaclav Havel Building in Strasbourg
Under this contract the aim is to cover, without seeking any liability, payment for all works to repair damage, both as regards causes and effects, even arising from a ground defect, of the same nature as those that come under the contractors' responsibility, pursuant to Article 1792-1 of the French Civil Code, manufacturers and similar parties as well as the technical inspector, under the terms of Article 1792 of the French Civil Code, i.e. damage that will: — compromise the solidity of the constituent structures of the construction process, — affect said structures in 1 of their component parts or 1 of their items of equipment, rendering them unsuitable for their destination, — affect the solidity of 1 of their items of equipment intrinsic to viability, foundation, frame, closed or covered structures pursuant to Article 1792-2 of the French Civil Code. The works to repair damage shall also include: — costs for works involving any necessary demolition, clearing up, removal or dismantling, support, replacement or reassembly, including removing and putting back soil and plants, — contractor's liability insurance costs for repair works carried out following damage which is insured if these works are themselves subject to compulsory contractor's liability insurance.
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