Call for tenders' details

DIGIT/R3/PO/2016/020 - Data centre compute solutions (DCCS).
Contracting authority:
European Commission, DG Informatics (DIGIT)
TED publication date:
Time limit for receipt of tenders:
Lot information
Special purpose compute solutions
The purpose of this call for tenders is the conclusion of multiple framework contracts (up to 5 for lot 2 for the purchase and leasing of special purpose compute solutions optimised for specific workloads including ‘converged and hyperconverged solutions’). It will give the EUIs access to distributors/resellers of hardware and software solutions from a variety of manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers are predefined in the annexes to the tendering specifications. For the selection of the framework contract, contractors and the first reopening of competition, the tenderers will be requested to offer solutions for 4 Commission-specific use cases: 1. Oracle database solution; 2. Nutanix-based virtualisation solution; 3. 8-ways system; 4. SAP HANA solution.