Call for tenders' details

Running of the catering service at the European Court of Auditors.
Contracting authority:
European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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Lot information
Running of the catering service at the European Court of Auditors
The running of the catering service should cover the following services: 1) the running of a staff restaurant: the staff restaurant is located at 12, rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-1615 Luxembourg, on the ground floor of the K3 Building. The restaurant seats approximately 400 people and has a fully equipped kitchen in the basement; 2) the running of 2 cafeterias (K2 and K3) offering rapid service: the cafeterias in Buildings K2 and K3 have approximately 68 and 80 seats respectively. The cafeteria in the K2 Building has an adjoining office. The 2 cafeterias are self-service; 3) the running of a modular executive dining room (lunches, dinners, receptions) located on the 6th floor of the K3 Building. This dining room can be divided and cater for a maximum of 3 lunches and 1 cocktail party simultaneously, i.e. 170 people (standing) to attend a cocktail party or buffet and 120 people for lunch or dinner. The executive dining room in the K3 Building has a fully equipped kitchen; 4) provision of the following associated services, for which the contractor does not benefit from any exclusivity: i. coffee break, serving coffee in meeting rooms and coffee corners; ii. leasing and maintenance of coffee machines and water coolers, delivery of drinks to members' offices, delivery and installation of associated consumables such as refill bottles; iii. automatic vending machines (distributors of drinks, snacks, sandwiches, etc.); iv. assistance to the Court by providing service staff (chefs de rang, dishwashers and a chef) for receptions organised by the Court. The contract for lot 1 is a mixed contract under which the Court entrusts the contractor with managing various services as a concession ('concession part' for the services under 1, 2 and 4, point (iii)). The contract also lays down the conditions for specific contracts to provide catering services that can be allocated by the Court to the contractor, by means of purchase orders, for the duration of the contract ('framework service contract part', services under 3 and 4, points (i), (ii) and (iv)).