Call for tenders' details

Auctioning of emission allowances and carbon market oversight.
Contracting authority:
European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
TED publication date:
Time limit for receipt of tenders:
Lot information
Legal assistance
The framework contract for lot 1 will run for an initial period of 24 months and shall be renewed automatically 2 times (with a maximum total duration of 72 months). The contractor(s) of the framework contract under this lot 1 might be required to provide the following services: 1) legal assistance for development, implementation, monitoring and review of the legislation applicable to the primary and secondary market in allowances under the EU emission trading system; 2) legal assistance for contract management; 3) legal assistance for the joint procurement of the common auction platform or of the auction monitor; 4) legal assistance for the management of the Joint Procurement Agreements; 5) coordination and handover tasks. For further detail, please refer to procurement documents (see Section 2.3 of the tender specifications).
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