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Framework contract for the supply of handheld equipment for border surveillance ...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Night vision binoculars
— Required night vision binoculars shall be monocular night vision devices of having single optical objective, single image intensifier but 2 oculars. The binoculars should enable short to middle range surveillance capabilities during foot or vehicle patrols at European climatic conditions. — The night vision binoculars shall provide the high-quality image of scenery at typical EU night conditions comparable to image quality obtained by naked eye at day conditions. — The night vision binoculars must be built using image intensifier tubes of standard mechanical dimensions and standard electrical power supply. Tubes of non-standard dimensions/voltage are not accepted. — The night vision binoculars shall be of low mass, ergonomic design with possibility to be attached to the head. — Practically all the technical, functional and environmental protection requirements for the night vision goggles are applicable for the binoculars, however in addition, to the set of NVG the tenderer is required to provide additional objective with magnification x3 to be included in the carrying case. — The objective x3 shall be quickly and easily attachable to the body of the NVG in the field environment. — The device with attached objective shall comply with the environmental protection as stipulated in point 5.3.5 of this document.