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Framework contract for the supply of handheld equipment for border surveillance ...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Lot information
Carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors
The carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors shall be used for the measurement of the existing CO2 concentration in a closed volume for the detection of people hiding in confined spaces such as trailers, rooms and vehicles (monitoring the CO2 concentration of human exhaled air). The carbon dioxide detector kit shall contain the following accessories: — durable carrying case, — carrying strap, — rubber shock protection sleeve, — set audio headphones, — car charging cable (12 V/DC only), — adapter 220 V/AC, — IR computer interface and data transfer cable, — PM-COM software for viewing stored data, including CD, — sampling probe (hose): possible variants: a) rigid rod with connector or b) hose protected by rigid detachable segments (the segments must be threaded together to prevent them from being loosened or blocked during use); length: min. 1,5 m, — filter with dust and water hose, — reading stand and mounting clip, — calibration/sampling adapter.