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Framework contract for the supply of handheld equipment for border surveillance ...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Heart beat detectors
The heartbeat detector needs to enable precise detection of human beings hidden in stationary vehicles (regardless their tonnage) under border crossing conditions where constant frequency of vehicles is present (vibrations of the base due to vehicles crossing) which will not affect the operation and the accuracy of the results produced by the heartbeat detector. Heartbeat detector kit (system) shall contain: — ruggedised laptop (resistant to mechanical shocks), with pre-installed specialised applications (software for heartbeat detection) with colour touch screen, size diagonally minimum 12" (inches), — laptop carrying case and rechargeable cable, — system sensors (protected from environmental factors — frost, rain, hail, etc.) and related accessories for mounting on metallic or plastic elements of the vehicle, — related cables, 2 USB connectors and suitable connectors for 4 sensors (including sensor control module, if necessary) as well as a possibility to connect keyboard and mouse, — rechargeable accumulators device, — system carrying case, with partitioned housing for storing and transporting system components. The carrying case shall be impact and humidity resistant and large enough to store the heartbeat kit and all of its components, — complete documentation and manual for use, media and print, in English as a minimum, — 4 vibration (seismic) sensors and 1 additional spare sensor: • minimum IP 54 protection, • waterproof electric connectors (minimum IP 5 for water protection), • sensor — computer connecting cables that are suitable for the outside work. Minimum 15 m length.