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Please note that the new time limit for receipt of tenders is 11:00 am CET on 20/12/2017
Logistic services, removal services and disposal of furniture and ICT equipment ...
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Removal services
The objective is to contract a professional and reliable contractor for the organisation and implementation of a successful move of ECDC to its new premises early spring 2018. The new premises shall be available to ECDC as of 1.1.2018. It is envisaged, however, that the removal process shall not start earlier than February 2018. ECDC plans to stay operational in its current premises without any interruptions until Easter break. ECDC shall close its business during the Easter period (last day of working 23.3.2018, first day of working 3.4.2018). The period between February and March 2018 shall be used only for transfer of assets that are not vital for the functioning of ECDC and for the preparations of the general ECDC move (boxes, storages, archives, etc.). The intention of ECDC is to use that period to the maximum to move all the assets and staff belongings to the new premises. The physical transfer should thus take place between 23.3.2018 and 2.4.2018.
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