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Provision of removal services, inventory and warehouse management of the headqua...
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European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
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Lot information
Warehouse inventory and management services
Lot 1: Warehouse inventory and management services. The scope of the services tendered for in this respect will be overall warehouse management from receipt or delivery of materials/goods until they have gone through all the necessary operational procedures in order to achieve optimal and efficient management. In addition, all the contractor's activities will come under the Stocktaking Department's management or supervision. As part of its financial obligations regarding the management of its fixed assets, the Office must cyclically perform a physical stocktaking exercise on its IT equipment and furniture (hereinafter IT and FM respectively). During the validity of the framework contract under this invitation to tender, 2 global physical inventory exercises are to be organised, i.e. IT and FM, and 2 partial ones, i.e. 1 of IT alone and 1 of FM alone. There will be no more than 1 stocktaking exercise per year.
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