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Feasibility study on: Music Moves Europe – The feasibility study for the establi...
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European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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Analysis of market trends and gaps in funding needs for the music sector
The first specific objective of the study is to provide a state-of the art assessment on current market trends, explore opportunities offered to music by the digital economy, especially in relation to fairer structures of remuneration. The study will explore for each identified trend: — What is currently being addressed sufficiently by the Creative Europe program and how; — What is currently not being addressed sufficiently by the European funding instruments and how it could be addressed by its successor program. — Provide convincing justification for the need of future support on European level, taking the principle of subsidiarity and the European dimension into account. The second specific objective of the study is to undertake a thorough stakeholder analysis by ensuring transparency of identification and inclusion of all relevant partners of the music sector with a focus on the European level.
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