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Copernicus Land monitoring services - High Resolution Land Cover Characteristics...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Forest products: Tree Cover Density and Dominant Leaf Type and change products, as well as Forest Type products
This lot covers the second update of the Forest HRL, and follows largely the established production workflow and method to derive a main TCD (Tree cover density) and DLT (Dominant leaf type) product for the 2018 reference year. Derived “Forest” products are also included similar to the previous products. The main changes as compared to the previous Forest HRL’s are:1) A increase in the spatial resolution to 10 m x 10 m for the status layers, in line with the other HRL’s; and2) A simplification of the change products, based on lessons learned from the first (2012-2015) forest change products.To allow for change products for the full available time series, these simplifications are implemented both for 2012-2015 (based on the existing 2012-2015 change products), and for 2015-2018.
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