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Classroom and eLearning computer technology training
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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IT Training Courses other than Microsoft Tools
The Bank is seeking service providers with substantial experience in developing and delivering high quality IT trainings in an international environment for large private companies and/or public organisations.The call for tenders aims at offering various IT trainings to all EIB staff through the following:— Design and adaptation to the EIB’s needs for training courses, workshops, tools and materials.— Provision of group training sessions, workshops, tools and materials.— Provision and implementation of readily available off-the-shelf eLearning courses.— Design, delivery and implementation of tailor-made eLearning courses.The services provided under this lot are aimed at offering participants practical training and enabling them to work more efficiently while using tools, software and technology from producers other than Microsoft.This could refer to the regular end-user needs for the tools commonly used in the EIB, as well as punctual in-depth technical training for administrators and back-end users in IT and systems support teams.
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