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Studies in the field of trafficking in human beings - Lot 1, 2 and 3
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Study on “The Economic, Social and Human Costs of Trafficking"
This study must:— deliver a comprehensive literature review on economic, social and human costs of trafficking, taking into account information and methodologies where available in EU Member States. This must include relevant estimations expressed in Euros,— result in a critical analysis of available models and methodologies and provide recommendations as to possible methods to be used in the EU,— take into account available literature and specifically the study commissioned by European Institute for Gender Equality entitled “Study on methodology options and economic analysis of the costs of Gender-based Violence (GBV) in the European Union” and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes background paper, An Introduction to Human Trafficking: vulnerability, impact and action (2008),— focus on trafficking in human beings and not violence in general or only on violence against women. This being said the study must demonstrate a gender specific approach and ensure gender is mainstreamed throughout its analysis,— approach trafficking in human beings as a serious form of crime and of violence against women and girls. All forms of exploitation in the context of trafficking in human beings must be equally addressed.
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