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Rectificatif No 3 concernant les extincteurs publié. Le Formulaire 8 - Partie 4 - modifié
Maintenance of installations and electrical, HVAC and sanitary works in the buil...
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European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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Maintenance of the installations and HVAC and sanitary works
The maintenance services covered by this contract are as follows:— all preventive maintenance operations,— all corrective maintenance operations,— all ducting services,— all assistance services for environmental management,— assistance during periodic inspections undertaken by the approved body.These services are to be performed throughout the duration of the contract according to the needs of the Court.The HVAC and sanitary works, which do not amount to interventions covered by maintenance services, and which may be necessary during the contract, concern in particular minor modifications and / or refurbishment or renovation projects, or the monitoring of works undertaken by a third party company. Small modifications can be made throughout the life of the contract depending on the needs of the Court, while refurbishment or renovation projects are more complex operations requiring the intervention of several companies. Each of these projects will only be performed once during the contract.The list of main installations concerned for the contract is set out in Annex 2A. Their technical and quantitative description is given for information purposes only. This list is non-exhaustive and should, if necessary, be completed by the contractor. All installations are presumed to be in good working order. All ancillary equipment, installations and accessories are considered to be an integral part of the installations.The Court has drawn up a provisional and non-exhaustive list of services and supplies that could be requested by the Court, either as part of the corrective maintenance or as part of the works related to this contract (Annex 2C). This does not constitute a commitment by the Court to undertake these services / works, and the list is likely to evolve over time and according to needs.