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Framework Contracts for the Provision of Mainly Intra-Muros Expert Assistance on...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Reference Data
Tthe EEA is looking for consultants in the area of reference data.Typical tasks:— support the Copernicus team in managing reference data projects (e.g. EU-DEM, EU-hydro), taking into account the Copernicus Programme level DEM solution under preparation by ESA, and DEMs available in Member States, whilst ensuring full coverage, harmonised specifications and the Copernicus data and information policy,— support the Copernicus team in understanding and assessing the specific need for reference data as expressed by the Copernicus core services and taking into account the potential of merging specific requirements into a common cross-service requirement,— support the Copernicus team with the implementation of sample use cases, built upon geospatial analyses of a selection of reference data in combination with Copernicus service products.
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