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Framework Contracts for the Provision of Mainly Intra-Muros Expert Assistance on...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geo-Information Technologies and Big Data Processing
Tthe EEA is looking for consultants in the area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geo-information technologies and big data processing.Typical tasks:— package geospatial datasets to products for dissemination (harmonization, formats, projections, spatial resolution etc.),— perform required updates of the existing Copernicus products,— maintain the Copernicus land product catalogue, ensuring INSPIRE compliance of the metadata of Copernicus land datasets,— maintain VHR and HR imagery datasets,— publish Copernicus WMS services on ArcGIS server and maintain web maps in ArcGIS online,— maintain map content on the Copernicus land portal,— optimize performance of the CLMS portal,— ensure the operational availability to end users and interoperability among selected (mainstream) platforms, operating systems and browsers,— assist the Copernicus team on GIS and geo-IT tasks in general,— maintain the documentation covering all data processing steps, processes and procedures put in place,— interact on behalf of the Copernicus Land Monitoring team with the DIAS initiatives,— support the Copernicus team in preparing the CLMS data and products readiness for integration in the DIAS.— support the Copernicus team in defining a suitable strategy on how to position and adapt the CLMS portfolio with regard to the multiple cloud based big data service initiative emerging in Europe, and in particular with regard to Earth Observation.
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