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Concession contracts for the operation of 2 newsagents’ shops in the buildings o...
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Council of the European Union
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Conclusion of a concession for the operation of a newsagents’ shop in the Justus Lipsius building of the Council of the European Union
<P>To carry out its activity in the Justus Lipsius building, the Secretariat makes available to the concessionaire:</P><P>— a sales room on the ground floor of approximately 59 m<FT TYPE="SUP">2</FT>,</P><P>— a storage room on the ground floor of about 17 m<FT TYPE="SUP">2</FT>.</P><P>The Justus Lipsius building is frequented by approximately 4 000 people each day, including approximately 2 200 public officials or other permanent occupants.</P><P>The space provided in the Justus Lipsius building is located in a central part of the building, at the same level as the main entrance, in a semi-public area (entry subject to security controls) in the immediate vicinity of the reception and accreditation areas, through which a very large proportion of occupants and visitors to the building pass each day. It is also on the main access way to a cafeteria and restaurant, which are two of the largest refreshment areas within this Secretariat building.</P><P>The services to be offered will mainly include:</P><P>— sale of newspapers, periodicals and books,</P><P>— upkeep of a postal service point (‘postal point’),</P><P>— sale of postage stamps and greeting cards.</P>