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Legal Services under Luxembourgish and EU Law
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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EU law advice
EU law advice, includingAdvice on matters related to substantive European law in all domains and, in particular, in the fields of:— public procurement,— environmental law,— the competences and procedures of the European Ombudsman,— state aid and competition law, and— transparency and public access to documents or information.Advice on matters related to institutional matters, such as:— the functioning and governance of EU institutions, EU bodies and international (financial) organizations,— the general legal framework applicable to the organization and operation of the EIB;— the privileges and immunities of EU bodies and international organizations, including their tax exemptions,— the Treaties and other EU acts relating to the EIB and its activities in the context of its operations inside and outside the EU,— the interpretation and enforcement of international treaties, international dispute settlement and arbitration,— the competences of the EIB’s governing bodies and the interpretation and application of their decisions,— the EIB’s relations with other European institutions and bodies, the Member States, the European Investment Fund, third countries and other international organizations,— EIB employment (staff) relations, including social security, pension and health insurance schemes and pension funds.
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