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Acquisition of Equipment, Appliances, Hardware, Software Licences and related Se...
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Council of the European Union
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Lot information
Acquisition of Equipment, Appliances, Hardware, Software Licences and related Services for the Video Post-Production Platform (VPPP) Infrastructure of General Secretariat of the Council of the EU
Lot 1 covers modules/products/services related to the core activities of the Video Post-Production Platform (VPPP) and Media Asset Management (MAM) environment. The existing VPPP is based on the Cinegy Media Asset Management (MAM) platform and future investments, under the contract(s) resulting from this procurement procedure, shall be compatible with the existing Cinegy MAM.The core activities of the VPPP notably includes (non-exhaustive list):— Media Asset Management (MAM platform: Cinegy software and the hardware it is running on),— video network management including monitoring, remote accessibility and security,— capture/ingest of live video signals and video files (software and the hardware it is running on, including Cinegy Capture, GPU and video signal acquisition cards),— edit video signals and files (Cinegy workstations and the hardware it is running on, including video post-production plugins),— (remote) Video production: live video production and high-end video post-production (including IHSE KVM system),— transcode and compress video files,— distribute video files (FileCatalyst),— archive video files.Therefore the provision (including delivery, installation and integration) of all types of modules/products/services related to these activities is covered by this lot. It includes (broadcast-grade) network supplies, video monitoring and video security supplies, hardware and software to be integrated in the existing VPPP, specifically but not limited to Cinegy products and modules. Lot 1 includes hardware/software products and services related to the secretariat's archiving and MAM database, capture stations, editing stations, convert stations, video networks, IHSE KVM solution, video monitoring solution, video file transfer solution, and future proof solutions which enable us to follow the quickly changing market of video production workflows.For more details on the modules/products/services covered by Lot 1, please refer to the tender specifications common to Lot 1 and Lot 2 as well as those specific to Lot 1.