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Environmental Accounts
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Updating and Application of Models to Estimate Raw Material Equivalent (RME Model)
The objective of this call for tender is to assist Eurostat in:­— updating, revising, and applying the Eurostat's EU RME-model and updating/revising its documentation,­— updating and improving the simplified version of the model (country RME tool), updating/revising its documentation and providing support to users of the tool and national statistical institutes engaging in the estimation of MFA-RME,­— implementing, testing and further developing the disaggregation method that is currently being developed for the Eurostat inter-country input-output table (ICIOT) with a view to move towards a future change-over to a inter-country input-output core of the model,­— preparing contributions to international developments in the estimation of demand-based material flow indicators, in particular the institutionalisation of a global input-ouput and environmental extensions database.
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