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Eurobarometer Services: Flash Eurobarometer Surveys (Lot 1) and Eurobarometer St...
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European Commission, DG Communication (COMM)
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Eurobarometer Studies
Lot 2 of this call for tenders will allow contracting authorities to order qualitative studies and/or other research services to analyse public opinion.The Eurobarometer Studies should help the contracting authorities to fulfil the following objectives:• to assess in detail the attitudes, opinions, expectations, concerns, etc. of the public and/or of selected social groups in the countries or territories covered by the contract with regard to the different policies and initiatives taken by the various players involved in European integration;• to understand the reasons why attitudes, opinions, expectations or concerns are voiced;• to carry out tests on various groups regarding the comprehension and adoption of messages or documents (written documents, videos, logos, promotional material, websites, etc.) prepared by the participating institutions and bodies to be used for information and communication campaigns of the European Union;• to evaluate, both during the preparation or after dissemination, the understanding and impact of such messages or documents in the national cultures and the different age, sex and socio-professional groups, according to the vectors and styles of communication corresponding to the different target groups;• to identify the most suitable types of information and media for each of the target groups in the countries or territories covered by the contract;• to evaluate the impact of policies and decisions already implemented at European Union level;• to help in the preparation of questionnaires for quantitative surveys;• to analyse and interpret the results of quantitative surveys and qualitative studies from Eurobarometer Studies or other sources;• to identify significant national and socio-demographic differences between the countries or territories covered and within them;• to help developing knowledge of and ability to analyse phenomena connected with public opinion in the European Union, regionally, nationally and globally, as well as in other countries or territories covered in the contract.
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17,000,000.00 EUR
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