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'Training in fire prevention in Luxembourg (lot 1) and first aid in Brussels (lo...
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European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and LogisticsinLuxembourg (OIL)
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Training services in first aid (to be administered to babies and children) for staff working at early childhood centres (ECC) — Brussels
Basic training and retraining to fulfil the legal obligations referred to in:— 'Ministerieel besluit betreffende het attest van een basisopleiding levensreddend handelen bij kinderen voor onthaalouders en personeel in kinderopvangvoorzieningen' (ministerial decree on basic life-saving training for childminders and childcare facility staff) of the Government of the Flemish Community and Region of 26.2.2009,—'Ministerieel besluit ter uitvoering van artikel 8, 11, 40, 43 en 73, van het Vergunningsbesluit van 22.11.2013, wat betreft de kwalificatiebewijzen en attesten' (ministerial decree implementing Articles 8, 11, 40, 43 and 73 of the authorisation decision of 22.11.2013 on qualifications and certificates) of the Government of the Flemish Community and Region, 27.2.2014,and of the requirements of the organisation 'Kind & Gezin'.