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Human Capital Development Expertise Services
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European Training Foundation (ETF)
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Big Data Analytics
The objective of the Big Data analytics lot is to contract an economic operator specialised in the field of Big Data analytics related to labour market / skills intelligence, who will be contracted to provide services in support of the ETF work in this area. The services to be delivered will concern notably the following: Block 1: technical development, maintenance, data collection, processing, classification, delivery, visualisation: • expansion of the OJV-based data systems to new countries, building on the experience, technology and lessons learned from the pilot phase above described; supported by system of quality monitoring tools and reporting; • further consolidation, quality improvement and maintenance of the existing OJV-based data systems, building on lessons learned and system review; • conceptualisation, development, and implementation of improved data delivery / visualisation tool / platform addressing the needs of different target users, e.g. a) analysts and researchers and b) wider public (learners, employers, education and training providers, institutions of public and private sector); Block 2: analysis, interpretation, methodological innovation, capacity development: • conceptualisation and implementation of suitable approach(es) and tools for analysis of different aspects of supply side, e.g. data on the stock of competences and qualifications in the working age / active/employed population; knowledge, skills and competences defined in education and training offerings (analysis of curricula, programmes, qualifications – all levels and sectors); • comparative analysis of demand and supply side data on skills and competences – by sectors, occupations, regions, countries; dashboards, visualisation of results; • analysis of specific themes based on the existing databases of ETF project, e.g. on trends and features of remote work, green jobs and skills, emerging technical and transversal skills, digital skills; dashboards, visualisation of results; • analytical reports and briefs on specific themes related with the applications of AI and data science in the domain of LMI, challenges, new perspectives and possibilities; • contribution to ETF reflection and technical development related with use of results/data of the project Big Data for LMI for other relevant ETF projects and analysis; • contribution to ETF reflection towards renewal of the OJV data system and innovative analytical approaches based on combination of different data sources and methods; • participation and contribution in ETF dissemination and capacity development events, networks related with the thematic domains of Big Data for LMI.
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1,000,000.00 EUR
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