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Provision of warehouse management, continuous inventory, moving and general inve...
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European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
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Service of general inventory
The EUIPO, as part of its financial obligations regarding the management of its fixed assets, must cyclically perform a physical inventory exercise of its IT equipment (IT) and furniture (FM). It is foreseen that, during the validity period of the framework contract that is the object of this tender procedure, a global physical inventory exercise will be organised each year of the EUIPO’s inventoried IT and FM materials located in all of the offices of its headquarters in Alicante, as well as the remote verification of those EUIPO’s inventoried items deployed in multiple locations that cannot be physically recorded on site through mobile devices, so they will be verified remotely. This is the case of the rented buildings and the residences of the employees. Also, the EUIPO may request the complete re-labelling of all of the items (FM and/or IT), and in this case it will determine the year in which it finds it necessary to complete that task. In principle, this is foreseen for year 1.
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152,000.00 EUR
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