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19/10/2015: new submissiion deadline is 20/11/2015. 16/10/2015: The IP Rights provisions have been revised in the TS and in the draft contract. A new paragraph has been revised also in the Tender Specifications (pg. 17). The revised documents have been published.
Capturing innovation impulses from emerging economies.
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European Innovation Council and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Executive Age...
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Lot information
A learning environment to increase awareness of intercultural business communication and the cultural dimension of markets in emerging economies
The focus of lot 1 is the self-assessment and awareness creation in the European SME and the provision of background information on intercultural communication as well as specific information on business culture in ‘culture zones’. The self-assessment to be developed shall be used by individual employees or the management team of an enterprise. It shall prepare the company/the employee for engagement in emerging economies. It shall provide the staff that will interact with business partners, future clients or consumers in emerging economies the necessary knowledge to recognise and address the cultural dimension in markets and in personal interactions.