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Due to a technical issue, the tendering period has been exceptionally re-opened until Wednesday, 20.12.2023 at 19h00 (Brussels time). The opening sessions of the 4 lots will take place on Thursday, 21.12.23 starting from 13h00.
HADEA/2023/OP/0036 – Speed up the Development of and Access to Innovative Medica...
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Broad Spectrum Antivirals against Respiratory Diseases
Lot 2 will support the development of broad-spectrum antivirals targeting respiratory RNA viral families, such as Paramyxo-, Orthomyxo and Coronaviridae.The antivirals subject of this call shall aim toȘ1. directly block viral targets and function (direct-acting antivirals);2. have an anticipated efficacy against multiple species or genera in at least one, but preferably several viral families;3. be preferably new chemical entities which include small molecules and small biotherapeutics like nucleic acids or peptides that are directly acting against viral targets and functions, i.e., not through the modulation of the host responses;4. and preferably have safety profiles and suitable routes of administration (e.g., oral or intranasal) for broad use in the outpatient setting to treat early stages of infection by reducing viral burden.Broad spectrum antivirals candidates supported under the scope of these two lots under this call for tenders have finalised pre-clinical data (proof of principle), which means that the medicine design can meet the pharmaco-therapy challenge established, as well as first-in-man studies characterising pharmacokinetics, potential effective concentration and/or dose ranges.
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18,000,000.00 EUR
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