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Corporate social responsibility.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Environmental reporting and associate services
Environmental reporting focuses on the internal activities of the EIB Group and procurement of services including elements such as energy, water usage, waste management, travel (business and commuter), IT and estates. The EIB Group currently applies the GHG protocol in the calculation of its greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, resulting in an annual carbon footprint report published online. Associate services — specific assignments may be commissioned by the CSR Division from time to time during the duration of the framework agreement that will help the CSR Division to support or enhance the reporting process as described in Section 4.2.2 of these terms of reference. Specific assignments under this lot will be awarded in accordance with Article 4 of the model framework agreement in Annex II of these terms of reference. Tenderers are encouraged to propose ways in which environmental reporting may evolve at the EIB Group in line with international standards and accepted best practice. Tenderers should refer to Section 8.3 of these terms of reference for the award phase for this lot.
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