My Call for Tenders

This functionality displays all Call for Tenders for which the user has subscribed.
This screen is accessible by clicking on the link "My Calls for Tenders" in the left side menu.

By checking "Display open/closed Call for Tenders" and clicking the "Apply" button, you will filter the Call for Tenders list to display only open/closed Call for Tenders.

Fields displayed in the result table:

First ColumnA "new" bullet is shown in that column if the Call for Tenders has been created or modified after the user last connection.
TitleTitle of the Call for Tenders. This link opens the Call for Tenders details page.
Status The status of the Call for Tenders.
  • Published : Calls for Tenders published in the Public Area;
  • Closed: Calls for Tenders that have an expired time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate;
  • Cancelled: Calls for Tenders cancelled after publication.
Note that the sort of the status column is workflow driven and not alphabetically driven.
Start DateThe publication date of the Call for Tenders. After this date the Call for Tenders is visible on the public part. For Call for Tenders published on TED, this date corresponds to the TED publication date. For other Call for Tenders, this is the date on which the Call for Tenders is available on the public part of eTendering.
Closing DateDate on which the Call for Tenders is closed.
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