The table below shows the used functions and the related buttons. The normal buttons are usually used in the button bar at the bottom of the Work area.

SaveSaves the changes of a record and opens the current page in consultation mode.
ClearResets a form to the default values for that form. All changes made by the user since the last save are discarded.
SearchExecutes a search.
CancelCloses the current page and returns to the parent page in the navigation map. Cancels the current action if not already submitted or saved.
CalendarOpens the calendar popup.


To submit a form for executing an action, the user should always press the corresponding button for this action. As far as possible, pressing the RETURN key invokes the first button on the page.
Pressing the TAB key navigates between the different screen elements within a page (buttons, input fields, links etc). This can be a useful way to navigate without using the mouse however the exact behaviour is browser-dependent and may not always work as expected.

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