List tables provide a feature to sort the data by one column.
(Sorting columns are indicated by a double arrow image next to the header.)
The default sort column is usually the first column. If the user clicks in the header of a column, the table is sorted by this column. The sort direction is ascending. If the column is already the sort column and the user clicks a second time on the header, the sort order is descending. If the user clicks more than once, the sort order toggles between ascending and descending.


To delimit the number of entries of a list table shown on one page, the table provides a paging feature. The paging bar is positioned at top of the result table.
The left side of the paging bar shows the total number of records returned and the record range shown in the result table, whereas the right side of contains the paging function. The user has two possibilities to choose a page:

Sorting a paged result table

If a result table is paged, the sorting functionality sorts the whole result table and displays the selected page with sorted results.

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