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Collection of soil data in SOTER format from 14 Danube strategy countries, at sc...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Treatment of soil data close to country borders
It is not clear whether treatment of soil data close to country borders should be taken into account when preparing soil layers and database, since there most probably will be profound inaccuracies and data / scales incompatibilities.
The Technical Specifications specify that "Cross-border terrain unit polygons (between countries and/or between country and Danube Basin outline) shall be split so that each sub-polygon falls within the Danube and country boundary." In such cases, the sub-polygon is to be considered as a Terrain Unit for the country it is covering, and needs to be associated to soil data for that country. It is understood that this will lead to undesirable border effects, but this problem is beyond the scope of this data collection exercise and will be tolerated.