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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Данни за въпроса
In your response to the Question 25, it is stated that “If the tenderer relies on the subcontractors to fulfil the selection criteria, these subcontractors must provide a statement declaring their undertaking to collaborate with the tenderer in case of award, and the resources that they will put at the tenderers disposal for the performance of the contract”. In section 3.2.2 of the Tender Specifications it is stated: “In the case of a consortium submitting a tender, or in cases of subcontracting (if the tenderer relies on the capacities of subcontractor(s) to fulfil economic and financial requirement), the Simplified Financial Statement must be included in the tender for all consortium partners and subcontractors.” Our understanding is that in the case of freelancers, only a statement declaring their intention to collaborate with the tenderer in case of award is required. Please confirm or clarify.
Yes, you understanding is correct, a Letter of Intent is sufficient at this stage from freelancers.