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Framework Contract for Procurement of Crisis Management Consultancy
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Данни за въпроса
For the financial evaluation we note that the pricing has been requested in Annex III for certain of the deliverables. Please can you confirm how we include these elements into the pricing evaluation table: Post-CME reporting (one of the specified deliverables), and project management and planning (e.g. project plan deliverable, meetings and associated minutes, including the travel and subsistence for these). Please also can you confirm whether the revision to the deliverables has had any change on the anticipated budget for this work.
The expectation is, that knowing all the components, plans, tasks, actions, travels, reports to be necessary to carry-out in order to deliver e.g. a table-top exercise, the price in the Annex III, related to e.g. table-top exercise, shall be a package price (fixed price) for that type of the CME. For other deliverables listed in Annex III the same analogy applies. After the revision of the deliverables, the anticipated budget has not changed.