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International Ocean Governance Stakeholder Forum
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Stakeholder Database
In section on page 7/29 of the Tender Specifications, "the Contractor shall develop a database of key stakeholders...": Can you please advise if a list of stakeholders should be provided as part of the tender and if so how many stakeholders are expected to be identified? Are letters of support required? If identification of stakeholders in depth is not required, would examples of experts to show their expertise and geographical coverage etc be sufficient?
At the stage of the application, we do not request a database of stakeholders. See page 8 of the Call for tender: “An initial list of stakeholders to take part in the forum identifying potential members of the steering committee and thematic working groups shall be submitted with the offer while an updated list will be submitted in the inception report as described under section” Besides, no minimum number of stakeholders has been defined and letters of support are not needed. According to the call text “experts “ are one group of stakeholders (see page 5 of the call for tender). As far as identification of stakeholders is concerned, please see on page 7 under the type of stakeholders to be identified.