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Support services for the Scaling up of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and...
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European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CON...
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With reference of Task 1 concerning the “Scaling up the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” specifically point 6 “Support in monitoring the implementation of the Digital Opportunity Traineeships initiative”
We kindly request additional clarification on the scope of work of the help-desk. Are the expectations that the contractor is the first point of contact to answer any information requests directly (e.g. via email), or that the role would be more of a supporting function (i.e. drafting of FAQs, user support through informative online content) ?
The contractor will not be the first point of contact for students, but will have an active supporting function to the Commission in treating simple answers, including drafting FAQs and responding to stakeholders (i.e. enterprises or research centres among others). The response would be however sent by the Commission services (including via e-mail).