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Renewable Space Heating under the Revised Renewable Energy Directive
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Данни за въпроса
Modelling of Decarbonization Scenarios
EU has developed mathematical models providing analysis of the European energy system (e.g. METIS, PRIMES, etc.). Thess models shares features with the modelling that is requested for this Tender. Question: + Will it be possible/requested to use those models in the project related to his Tender? + What may be the additional functionalities to be developed or build on the aforementioned models?
The tenderer should describe in their offer the approach, method and analytical tools they intend to use to address the tasks set out in the technical specifications. There is no obligation to use a specific model. The evaluation of the tender offers will assess which tenderer understood the tasks best and provided the best analytical tools to address them, in particular for modelling. The modelling approach should be based on analytical tools, in particular energy system models, for which the tenderer is able to prove a well-exercised ability of application based on expertise and experience.