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European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
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Cost of Translation of content
Referring to section, sub-section 5. Translation of content, page 32 of the tender specification, We would appreciate if you could clarify the following issue: Could you kindly confirm that the Contractor must not cover the cost for the translation of the community-generated content ?
Contrary to your statement, the Contractor must cover the costs of translation of some of the community-generated- content, when translation is requested by the Steering Committee. This content could be identified by the contractor and proposed to the Steering Committee for translation or identified by the Steering Committee as high quality content of longstanding value for dissemination in all languages of the platform. Translation costs should also be foreseen for the policy portal in all languages of the Platform. The tenderer should estimate translation costs based on a professional translation up to 50 000 words yearly. The contractor will be assisted in this task by the NSSs. We refer to questions 3 and 4 published in this call for tenders for more information to that end.