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Research Project: Integrity Improvement of Rotorcraft Main Gear Box (MGB)
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European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
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Germany-Cologne: Research Project: Integrity Improvement of Rotorcraft Main Gear Box (MGB)
Dear Sir/Madam, Regarding the project in the title, I would like to know the finance options of the project. In the page 28 of procure documents, it has 30% of payment at interim payment 1 and another 30% at interim payment 2. Questions are, 1. Will EASA provide the contractor with total of 60% of needed amount for the project? 2. Will EASA provide the upfront payment in the project? 3. Where can I find the information/condition of finance and payment for the project? (Can you please provide me with the link?) It would be highly appreciated if you can guide me to the right information for the finance of the project as I struggle with finding them. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, [Name + company]
In answer to your questions please note that no upfront (advance) payment is foreseen under the contract resulting from this tender procedure. The payment scheme described in Section 2.3.5., page 28 of the Procurement Documents outlines the triggers for the three payments foreseen under the contract. The pre-condition for the Contractor receiving any payments is that all the relevant deliverables as listed in the table on page 28 have been successfully completed / submitted by the Contractor and accepted by EASA as per section on page 29. No payment will be processed until this pre-condition is met. Provided that this obligation is fulfilled on the part of the Contractor the payment scheme foresees the following: - Interim Payment 1 - 30% from the total volume of the contract, - Interim Payment 2 - 30% from the total volume of the contract, - Payment of the balance – remaining amount of the contract. In accordance with the above, at the end of the contract, and after successful completion of all the tasks and submission of all the deliverables, the Contractor shall have received the total amount foreseen in the contract, i.e. in your words “100% of the needed amount for the project”. The potential maximum total volume of the contract as per section 2.4.1., page 31 is 1.9 million EUR (one million and nine hundred thousand euro). However, the actual total volume of the contract shall be as per the financial offer (see Annex V) of the winning tenderer. All the information pertaining to the tender can be found in the tender documents uploaded on our internet platform eTendering and there are no further links/ documents to be shared.