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Uptake of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by SMEs and Start-ups
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Translations by the Commission
Dear Madam/Sir In the answer to question 9, you have pointed out the option of translation of surveys in official EU languages being provided by the Commission in the case of distributing the survey through EEN. Can you please elaborate on the conditions where the translation is provided by the Commission? Does this apply to the questions of surveys as well the responses? Is the translation in these cases reimbursed by the contractor and if so what are the applicable fees?
The translations of an SME panel questionnaire is provided by the Commission free of charge. The responses are normally collected and translated to English by EEN partners, and the end result is available in EUSurvey in English. (normally no extra translation is needed). The most important conditions for SME panels are that it has to be short (maximum 15 questions) and SME friendly. In addition the number of open questions should be limited (max 1-2 open questions)