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ICT Consultancy
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European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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English (en)
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With respect to Criterion 1
We have a frame work contract (FWC) with hundreds of Specific Contracts (SC) running over the three reference years, each SC being for 1 individual and lasting between 80 and 220 days, some of your clarifications would suggest that in order to provide visibility of volumes we would have to list every SC individually for Criterion 1, rather than providing annual numbers of FTEs against a clearly identified FWC. Can you confirm that we must list all the SC relative to a FWC to provide evidence of numbers, or that we can provide annual FTE numbers (this is mainly because there are almost zero SC that both start and end on the same dates in the list of hundreds)
The tenderer is required to list the contract(s) which can be used as evidence that the tenderer fulfills criterion no 1. As the contracting authorities do not know the exact content and context of the framework contract, if it does not allow verification of all requirements included in criterion no 1, then the tenderer must list the specific contracts (rather than the framework contract and a summary). If the submitted evidence is insufficient, the contracting authorities shall request additional information and/or clarifications after opening of the tenders. The same approach applies to criterion 2.