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The tender deadline has been extended. The financial offer form and Annex 7 have been adjusted see document library.
HADEA/2022/OP/0011 – Multiple Framework Contracts in Cascade for Support Actions...
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Financial Offer
We refer to your response of 27/9 regarding the price offer. As the prior question recognises, the scope of work of a task determines the effort required and thus the cost. Your response acknowledges that a scope of work for the individual tasks in specific contracts awarded under this framework cannot be specified at this time. The references provided do not provide that clarification. We would thus like clarification of the status of the figures to be provided in cells D7:D36 of the financial offer template. Will HADEA use them for guidance purposes only when considering the budget for a specific contract which contains one or more of the specified tasks? If so, how will the actual price of a specific contract be determined? If the task-based units in D7:D36 are to be treated as firm prices on which the costs of specific contracts are to be based, how should tenderers proceed given that the tasks are not for standard products and scope/effort required may vary considerably?
The Contracting authority defines the quantity of the selected subtasks for a specific need under a specific contract. Figures inserted in cells D7:D36 of the Financial Offer Form will be set as maximum unit prices used when ordering sub-tasks under the Framework contract. The price of a specific contract will be determined by the selection and quantity of the tasks needed.