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It is highly recommended to test the e-Submission application in advance (several days before the deadline for submission) in order to familiarise you with the system and to test whether your workstation configuration is working correctly with the e-Submission environment. Please see the e-Submission application testing to be done in advance (point 1.1 in Annex VII). IMPORTANT: In case of any problems with the submission of your electronic tender, please contact the helpdesk in reasonable time.
Provision of services to ECDC for coordination and organisation of the Escaide s...
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Financial statement
It's not really clear when the financial year has to be closed, is our interpretation that it needs to be closed by the time the project starts correct?
If you are referring to the requirements set in the Tender Specifications for meeting the selection criteria set for economic and financial capacity, Section 3.2.2, please note that the financial year mentioned refers to your usual annual financial reporting period for which the financial accounts have been closed, as stated in the accounting statements of your organization. We require such information for the last 3 years for which the accounts have been closed.