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Provision of Net Neutrality (NN) Measurement Tool
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Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office)
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Questions regarding technical requirements (Question 3 till 8 out of 8 submitted)
Regarding Req-84 - Will BEREC supply the collocation facility and internet uplink? If so, what are the characteristics of the uplink (so that we can supply the appropriate connection type)?
Internet uplink and the colocation facility has to be provided by the contractor during the contractual period. In order to minimize measurement errors, the Reference System should be located the closest possible to the Internet eXchange (IX) point. Therefore, a colocation facility with high, guaranteed bandwidth Internet access is highly recommended. The measurement system may be able to measure multi-gigabit connections (Req-129, Req-130) but has to at least be able to measure up to 500 Mbit/s accurately (Req-127). The Reference System shall be at least capable of 10 simultaneous tests with an aggregated bandwidth of 900 Mbps and 1000 tests per day for a period of the maintenance phase (e.g. proper database disk space, proper performance). The software shall be capable of handling an aggregated bandwidth of 5 Gbps when operated on a system with 10G network interface connectivity (Req-74). This means that an internet connection of at least 1 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth is sufficient (Req-82).