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Laboratory analyses of topsoil samples collected in the context of the LUCAS 201...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Lot 1 - transportation of sample from JRC center to lab facilities
In the Technical Specification, it is mentioned that all 26000 soil samples will be prepared and ready to leave from the JRC site for pick up. As we are talking about pre-conditionment on pallets, can you give more details about number and dimension of pallets that we have to consider ? Thank you
Individual soil samples are held in labelled plastic bags that are stored in groups in cardboard boxes (ranging in weight from 5 - 40 kg) or wooden crates ( > 100 kg) which are labelled with the country name. Both boxes and crates are stored on Europallets (800 mm × 1200 mm) to ease loading and unloading. As the current storage containers were provided by individual survey teams (and not by the JRC), there is a large variability in both the size and weight of boxes and, therefore, the total number of pallets. We roughly estimate that the outgoing shipment from the JRC to the laboratory for analysis will be in the order of 15-20 tonnes with an approximate volume of 70-90 m3 on about 50-60 pallets.