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European Investment Fund
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Case study - Lot I
In terms of reference (Annex 4), it says that ATORs would typically contain “a comprehensive schedule of delivery” and “a maximum budget”. Would you be able to provide this information for case study n°1?
To avoid confusion, please note that the "ATORs" are not the same as the "Case Study". Annex 5a is a "Case Study" and Tenderers should only provide the deliverables contained therein. Information provided in Annex 5a will be used as a basis for evaluating the Tender from a technical perspective. A "comprehensive schedule of delivery" and a "maximum budget" come into force, on the basis of "Assignment Terms of Reference" (or ATORs), nonly once the Framework Agreement has been signed. Section 4. of Annex 4 provides the Description of Services and Deliverables to be produced by the economic operators, who will be awarded a Framework Agreement. Annex 4 (Terms of Reference or TORs) will actually form part of the contractual documentation of the Framework Agreement as Appendix A.