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Framework Contract for Expert Advisory Support to the European Space Policy and ...
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Scenario LOT 1 - tasks
pag 19 states: "The technical proposal shall comply with the technical specifications in section 1, as well as for each scenario related to the Lot to which the contractor would like to participate and provide, as a minimum, the information specifically requested". Does that mean that for LOT1, in the proposal, we have to include all the Tasks (task 1,2,3) present at pag 5&6 as well as the tasks described in the scenario?
“The technical proposal must be compliant with the requirements on the scenario and the technical specifications for Lot 1, meaning that if the proposal includes others tasks than the ones described on the technical specifications for Lot 1 (pag.5 & 6) they will not be taken into account on the evaluation of the proposal. Taking this into account, the bidder is free to elaborate their technical proposal the way they consider appropriated. “